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Susan Walker

Susan Walker is a contemporary abstract artist known for vibrant compositions that evoke profound emotions and responses. Based in Harmony, PA, she utilizes mixed media—acrylic, graphite, ink, papers, oils, and any tool necessary to capture the desired feeling—to create artworks reflecting her intuitive approach. Originally from Pittsburgh, Susan's art explores the interplay between movement and emotional expression, inviting viewers into a boundless realm of imagination. Her work has garnered recognition in galleries and exhibitions, making an impact on the abstract art scene. Susan also enjoys sharing her artistic journey through workshops and speaking engagements, inspiring others to discover the joy and transformative power of art. Follow her on social media for insights into her creative process and to discover how art transforms spaces into havens of positivity and joy.

Expressions Of Joy

A Note from the artist: Welcome to "Expressions of Joy," where my artwork aims to evoke profound feelings of joy, giddiness, and happiness. Through a vibrant palette, dynamic movement, and layers that add depth, each piece invites you into a world of boundless imagination. I explore the interplay of color, using mixed media like acrylics, graphite, ink, and oils, along with expressive marks and even words, to capture the essence of joy. My artistic journey blends intuition with a dedication to sharing positivity through art. Join me in this exploration of emotions and experiences, where every artwork is a celebration of life's joyful moments.