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Galactic Funk

For “GALACTIC FUNK”, Jason’s newest body of work, imagery has been pulled from his early childhood and layered into an exciting visual experience. Saturday morning cartoons, epic space movie villains, retro video game characters, robots, heroes, and monsters all find their way into the spectacle of work exhibited in the gallery. “I grew-up in the 1970’ s and 80’s. It was the best! GALACTIC FUNK” is a series of works I have created to memorialize and glamorize this part of my life.” With a neo-Pop style Jason pays homage to such things as bubble gum, alikinging it to the brevity and intensity of childhood, and the ambiguity of good and evil with the likes of soap opera sex symbol Morgan Fairchild and Godzilla. “It’s all about my childhood, story-telling, perpetuating a sense of visual excitement for the viewer, and generously giving the audience a catalyst to aid them with the investigation and exploration of my work. Hopefully they can reflect on their own childhood and embrace the exuberance of play and imagination that seems to exclusively populate this time in one’s life.”